Known for its Meditation and Medication in Motion, this ancient Chinese Art works your internal energy to balance your Ying and Yang (positive and negative) energy. Putting your mind and body at ease allowing you to live a stress free life-style.

There are now five main styles of Tai Chi Chuan: Chen, Yang, Sun and the two Wu styles. Chen style is the original parent, the Father of the styles. Tai Chi offers precious wisdom in regards to health and artistic expression by providing an education deeply grounded in kinetics, medical science, physiology, body mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and aesthetics.


            Reduce stress

            Increase flexibility

            Improve muscle strength and definition

            Increase energy stamina and agility

            Increase feelings of well-being

            Reducing anxiety and depression

            Improving balance and coordination

            Reducing the number of falls

            Improving sleep quality

            Slowing bone loss in women after menopause

            Lowering blood pressure

            Improving cardiovascular fitness

            Relieving chronic pain

            Improving everyday physical functioning